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One only need turn on the news or search for “social media sponsorship pulls support” to find a number of articles on advertisers pulling revenue streams from different SM platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. People are angry at the platforms due to their lack of self-moderation and the increasing footprint in the work to invalidate the US elections.

I’m not going to waste time arguing left or right. I really don’t care. My apathy towards political positioning has to do with my continued isolation until I die. Right- or Left- posturing no longer affects me, nor ever will again.  The feeling is liberating.  However, what IS in my sphere is the concept that SM beasts are so large and so ingrained in our society that we can’t let them fail.

Ptah! I spit in their face.

The Internet flourished before them and will continue to do so long after their demise.  The physical resources required to host these platforms are minimal. Yet, they turn billions of USD in profits every year. As many of you know, I host platforms for local non-profits. I’M USING DISCARDED EQUIPMENT and a home Ethernet drop to support my Internet-based communication services. Additionally, I have limited use of my hands, voice and legs, and yet, my equipment still doles out services.

My brother-in-law addressed the inherent security issues with SM platforms by writing his own secure social media service. It is very similar in presentation to Facebook, but his focus is on security.

Bayou BBS Network, which I host, is a subsidiary of NISSA which is a global network of Commodore 64s.  Much of the equipment that supports the NISSA Network is over 30 years old.

My point is if they fail, there are thousands of developers that are positioned to take over conversation-hosting. There is no magic in Internet-hosting. Only the desire to build a platform, and maintain it, which allows our human friends the ability to have a conversation that furthers the human purpose.


Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot

Why Forwarding Email is a Bad Idea


  1. There is a lot of garbage out in the internet.
  2. We are not as security savvy as we need to be.
  3. You don’t know who is going to do what with what you forward.
  4. Unless you produce the content yourself, you can’t guarantee the safety or accuracy of the content.

Multiple Recipient Addressing:

Forwarding emails is a pet-peeve of mine.  The biggest indiscretion is when someone forwards an email with all the prior email addresses attached.  Similarly, when someone sends an email to multiple recipients where the trust relationship has not been established between the those contacts.

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