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2018 January 24th, A Wealth of Thanks and a Massive Breakthrough

A few days ago, I posted a wealth of thanks to my inner circle.  They were instrumental in getting me through a really difficult patch.  However, I owe another wealth of thanks to you, my readers. was almost decommissioned as I considered that the public nature of the blog had out-lived its usefulness. Out of curiosity, I looked at the statistics of the page.  When I last checked, there were 13 consistent readers.  That was at the beginning of December or late November.  I’m really not sure of the date.  The stats were of no consequence to me as I wrote this blog mainly for a catharsis.

This time, the avid readers are approaching 60/article.  This is a 400% increase in a relatively short time.  I was puzzled.  My life is not that interesting.  I’m not that good of a writer.  My wife is the one that was the journalist.  She writes better than anyone I know.  I keep nagging her to write a novel.  I would love to read a long work from her.

My 15 year old daughter is the first one I questioned.  She said the journal represents a human’s struggle.  It helps people relate to problems that they either have for themselves or a loved one, or acquaintance.  As hard as it is for me to admit, she said some people genuinely care for Jay, people that don’t necessarily want to speak up to me.  (I can be aggravating and never shut up, so I don’t blame them.)

Regardless of you have chosen to read this blog, I owe you, yes you, a bucket load of thanks.  Your numbers may not be in legions, but it doesn’t matter.  If one of you find information in this that is helpful, I feel that the blog’s existence is warranted.  I love people and miss the daily interactions most.  I have always wanted to do something with my life that benefited others.  I joined the US Army, taught public school, was lead engineer of a project that transformed Louisiana’s largest hospital system and private employer.  When I was forced to leave my career behind, it was a huge blow.  To no longer be able to help people is the largest evil this disease has forced me to accept.

Thanks to you, I reject the evil.  I understand I am helping people.  If you want to send me an email as to why you choose to read this, you can send it to my email addy, or post a public comment below.  I really look forward to your emails & comments.

Now, some absolutely startling news:

I woke up near 1 a.m. to popping joints.  I love that sound as it signals the end, or at least a reduction in spasticity and the beginning of better days.  The move I stretched in bed, the more joints popped.  It wasn’t long that I realized that the burning sensation in my legs that I have had for weeks was replaced by a very “weird” sensation.  I apologize for the sorry descriptive term “weird,” but that’s the best I can come up with.  The sensation was so intense that I became nauseated, and panic started to set in.  I have an incredible friend (that never sleeps – shame on you, but thanks) living on the west coast.  I sent her a message through Facebook and I realized I was freaking out and needed to wake my wife while I could.

I dragged myself out of bed and proceeded to wake my wife up. On the way to her bedside, I developed the urge to move my legs.  I explained what was going on and I needed her emotional support as well as her to walk with me back and forth from the back of the house to the front a few times.  We did.  I then realized that the sensations in my leg were actually increased neurological function, as I was able to move and walk better and (don’t tell anyone) I COULD FEEL MY THIGHS RUB TOGETHER.  I have not felt that feeling, that I remember — yes, I also realized, I need to lose weight.

At that point, we decided I would continue to walk for a little while and my darling would return to bed.  After a few minutes of walking, I realized that my pace had picked up and I was breaking walking speed records in the hall (for me that is.) Additionally, I could raise my thigh parallel to the floor, easily and without pain or discomfort.

Wife woken again, I demonstrated my abilities and vowed not to wake her again.  Resuming my conversation with my friend, I explained what was going on.  My friend realized I was over-the-top excited and recommended ginger tea.  I fixed me a cup of chamomile (I need to get some ginger tea), drank it and passed out, sleeping the rest of the night (also, a recent record-breaker.)

I continue to have burning skin, and minor cramps, and my legs are not as good as they were at 2 am.  However, this event is filled with hope.  I haven’t been able to move like that since the original tests to see if the ITB would work.  It is a statement that we are moving in the right direction and I can improve my quality of life, with the use of our available tools.

If you would like a religious connection, yesterday in my paper journal I juxtaposed a few verses of Psalm 23 to my life issues and it brought me peace.  Less than a dozen hours from that, I have the event.

I know faith is subjective, and I accept it.  The Grace I have received from my Faith greatly out-weighs the benefits of acknowledging the contrary.  I wish that you all find Faith in your day and Grace in your time of need.  It is by Faith, alone, that I can make it to the next second.

I wish all of you a great life.

A Million Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot

P.S.  Don’t forget to send email or drop a public comment below!

2017 December 30th – Shiatsu Nirvana – Final Day

When you have a neuro-muscular disorder, using a Shiatsu device to self-massage is as close to Nirvana as you can get.

Today, was not good on the medical scale, but through the use of modern chemistry, we were able to scavenge parts of the day.

I didn’t make it through breakfast.  When we were at the table ordering, I grabbed the menu and saw that it was trembling.  My super wife ordered breakfast for us.  We ate and returned to the B&B, where I took the cocktail.  She left to retrieve her son and she gave me about 2 or so hours to rest.  We went to lunch and had a marvelous burger.

The medication was working so we were able to make it to Melrose plantation where the late artist Clementine Hunter used to live and paint.  We then made it to the former location of Kate Chopin’s home.  The place burned in 2008, but there were still some out-buildings and interesting artifacts.  I would assume what we did was trespass, but we were able to get a good bit of photos of the remains.

We returned to the B&B where I took the cocktail again, a second time in one day, to alleviate the building pain and hopefully stop the progression of spasms.  I slept, until about 1 am, as usual.

As I write this, my body is a bundle of pain.  I just used a Shiatsu device to massage my neck.  The device is beyond wonderful.  But, as the disease is determined, as soon as the 15 minutes is up, the muscle pain returns. But, for those 15 minutes, oh my dear, you can put your mind somewhere else!

We have to retrieve my daughter from the airport mid-day today.  I don’t know how we are going to manage that.  I can envision staying in the car as my wife and step-son get her and her luggage from the terminal.

This disease is exhausting.  I am fatigued.  All my skeletal muscles feel like they are on fire. I want my puppies and my bed to rest in.  Vacation was incredible, but I fear, it is time for it to end so I can get back to my cocoon and heal for a while.

My prayer for the new year will be one of acceptance and learning how to live within the confines of this disease.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot