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New Wave Physical Therapy, or Aw, Nuts!

I’m calling it the “Jimmy Carter Calisthenics.”  Yes, you guessed it, peanuts are the key to this series of exercises…

Seriously, I am loosing the ability to control my fingers. Even with all the typing I am doing, the fine motor control of my fingers are getting more an more difficult to access.  I’m making adjustments to my operation environment to make better use of voice recognition to compensate.  As such, this is likely to be the last article that I fully type.

The rest will involve dictation.

I experimented with dictation in the beginning of this journey.  I figured it seems reasonable that some day, it would be needed.  I didn’t think that now is the day.
I’ve been noticing my actions at the keyboard was getting errant.  Eating with forks are starting to be an issue.  Spoons are quicker and I’ve long since given up on chopsticks.  As you would figure, they were the first to go.  I’ve been a very proud man with my prowess of eating with the sticks.  Well, that seems to have traversed into the past along with many other things.

However, the other night, I took my beautiful wife out to eat at a local steakhouse that has garbage cans full of peanuts for the taking. I grabbed a bag, wheeled over to the barrel, and troubled to fill the back with the scoop.

Now, I like peanuts.  I was only a kid when Carter owned a farm and had to give it up for the Presidency, but I loved them even before then.  I had stopped eating the little bastards about a month ago when I discovered I went through a 3 lb back in a matter of minutes.

Oh, how things move fast.  I had trouble peeling the peanuts.  I made it through about 1/2 the bag when I started loosing heart and eventually quit.  The effort required to crack the buggers and extract the fruit became too much.  Frustrated, I managed a smile and gave my bag to a kid that was waiting to eat.

A few days later, I realized the motions involved in feeding myself peanuts.
I’ll never not have peanuts in the house again.

So, why are you reading this?  Go do some exercise!  Get cracking with the created “Carter Calisthenics”  concoction.  Creepers!  Use to maintain digit dexterity, darned it.

In Christ, ’cause after reading this, we all need Him.
Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot