Gosh Darn Independent (GDI – La, US)

I will be happy with bipartisanship reappears. This country is by the people, for the people. At least the last couple of administrations have been targeting one group.
We need politicians that stand up for what is best for all of us, the people.
Full Disclosure: I voted R for every National election from 1986 until 2012. Now, I consider myself independent, as I think the vast majority of our politicians are self-serving. This behavior is a reflection on the people that elect them — that would be us.
Being a spectator of National Politics, it seems that we view it as a sport.  Our society has many considerable issues that, unaddressed, could destroy our democracy.  Not in the long run, as we would like to believe, but within a few years.
A Trump administrator warns of a disputed election and an armed response. This is the earmark of a dictatorship.
Again, this is a reflection on us.

The Notorious RBG ask that her replacement be done after the election. A Judge, promoting political policy? Wow. It doesn’t matter that which she asks is historical precedent. The fact that she felt she needed to make that a dying wish should raise eyebrows.

We need to do better.  We need to strive for unity. We need to become “We the People” again, and leave “Us” and “Them” behind.

That’s my choice of pronouns, “We the people.”

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot – glad to be writing again.

US Loyalists: Where Are You?

Trump loyalist. Biden loyalist. Democrat. Republican. Conservative. Liberal. Antifa. Qanon. BLM. White Nationalist.

Labels. Words.

Where are those loyal to the US?

In 1987, I signed the dotted line. In April, the following year, I started wearing green battle dress uniforms. A clothing style I would wield for two enlistments spanning 6 1/2 years. It was an honor to serve. Due to my clearance, my oath to God and Country extended to the US President. As many do not know, the President is THE classification authority for all government related classified material. Private organizations, are, well, private.

The extension of the oath to the President, a single person, always bothered me. However, it didn’t hamper my service under both Presidents H. W. Bush, and W. J. Clinton. As a member of the military and the intelligence community, my favorite president was Mr. Bush, not a little in part due to his prior involvement with the CIA. The man knew the world and how the leaders operated. His presidency would be judged as a one-term failure. I always considered it a one-term success. Under Mr. Bush, the biggest scandal was the location of the weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The term was so brutalized that, later, leading classes, “Weapons of Mass Instruction” was a common retort among my cohorts.

Those were the days. The most scandalous situation was a failure to find what was hidden…or moved, long before the US Military got there. Oh… and did I forget that he mounted the largest beach-head operation in decades liberating a country overrun and seized by a dictator, Saddam Hussein. Bush’s biggest taunt was the purposeful mispronunciation of “Saddam” as a curt psychological insult. Yeah. Bush was the bomb… like B-52 carpet bombing…. but, I digress.

Then President William Jefferson Clinton entered the arena. Near that time, I became thoroughly involved in the bulletin board sub-culture (still going strong!) and was subjected to all kinds of conspiracy theories about both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. So much so, that my second term ended, I earned my degree in Math (with Honors), started teaching and they were still investigating him. I remember “I did not have sex…” as it echoed through the halls of the school.  Suddenly, only vaginal penetration was sex. The rules, policies and mind-set of the school system was not ready to cope with the new ideology and definition. Young kids started practicing fellatio with increasing frequency as this was no longer sex, and OK.

All during this time, and extending further back into my strained political histories of Presidents Reagan, Carter and Ford (Ford is the earliest president I remember in office) the President of the United States was a branch of government lead by a human. He was not a god, nor a messiah. Those words are best kept close to your heart and reserved for he/she/them that you worship, not a human prone to all the same frailties, fallibilities and temptations which we are all are subject.

President G. W. Bush (aka Bush II) was dealt an incredible blow one September morning early in his term of office. I didn’t expect him to make it to a second term. The man was regarded as a bumbling idiot. I never got this. If it was his slow speech, I’ve fought with a slight impediment my entire life. I like people to speak slow. He did. Rate of speech does not equate rate of thought. If it did, I would type, talk and write a lot faster then I currently do.

The world is in constant change. I think the Earth shifted starting in Clinton and Bush. We became increasingly spiritual, while simultaneously becoming less tolerant. Sen. B. H. Obama rallied and became President B. H. Obama, and a subset of Americans revolted. Social Media use exploded. In the beginning, I was a huge advocate in SM’s use for marketing and digital communication. Then, social media blazed pathways and gave voice to people and allowed easy organization into “echo chambers.”

Resonance is an incredible mathematical/physical principle. Given a wave and a method to shape a wave. That wave can be shaped so it echos back on itself adding its on volume. Repeated addition is multiplication. Repeated multiplication is exponential growth. So… a little wave can create a huge backlash in an echo chamber.

And it does. A though in a social media echo chamber is like a note in a trumpet. The thought starts as a raspberry and then it echos until it assaults the ears and sensibilities of everyone in the box. And, the volume of the chaos is of sufficient intensity to overshadow and corner any opposing or differing thoughts. I often feel like social media gave American society a crack at frequent use of the First Amendment and we blew it with our own crassness.

Social media could be the death of the US. We live in an era where the President is no longer a branch of government. The US President is a person which demands fealty and loyalty of his subjects. His behavior is that of an entitled monarch. The only thing preventing Mr. Trump from being a monarch is the election, and the hope that the next guy/girl/non-binary is not self-serving and is a President for all.  A President of the United States.

What we need now are loyalists. Not loyalists to the left or the right, or even the center. But, loyalists to the ideals and principals of the US. We, the people of the United States, need to send candidates from among us that will govern us. Those candidates that understand they are in office to do a job as a public servant to provide stewardship to the populace.

Those are our loyalist.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot