Slow Reader

I am a horribly slow reader. However, the TX helps with this.

For the Easter Holidays, I was at my in-laws home, out-of-state. We had some down time from time to time and because of my TX, I had a chance to read.

My wife asked me not to bring it, but I didn't listen. I didn't make a show of it, but I kept it with me the whole weekend. Whenever my brother-in-law would fall asleep, I took advantage of the time and read. When laying awake at night because I'm uncomfortable in a strange bed, I took advantage of the moment.

What's nice about the TX is the screen. Unlike a normal book where you have to have a light to read, you can read a book in total darkness. Wife snoring, let her snore. Whip out the TX read a little and I was snoring too.

The book – Semper Mars. The reader – eReader from the palm website.

I also make my own books by using html files from the gutenberg project and MobiPocket Creator.

Awesome application of technology for a low-tech problem.

Loving my TX,

Jay C. Theriot

Religious Side-Step

To begin. I’m Catholic. Not a very good one, but still I claim to be Catholic. Ever since the birth of my 5 year old, making regular Sunday Masses is a challenge. So this is no holier-than-thou speach.

I like the Rosary. I found VRosary from

Excellent program. Color photos, various rosary types, mysteries that pop up with the correct beads.

Lots of Bible readers are available for a cost. I found Bible+ from and BibleReader from aOlive Tree ( Both come with free translations. BibleReader has paid versions of the Bible. I think I may get a Catholic version next payday.

It is my hope that the existence of these books and prayers on my Palm will encourage me to become a more practicing Catholic.

I do like books, and I do like reading. I have several books on my Palm already. I really like reading on my Palm. The fact that I don’t have to lug heavy books around waiting for me to have time to dedicate to reading facilitates reading much better.

I really like my Palm. I’m putting everything I can find on my Palm. What I am finding is that the more you put on it, the more you use it. The more you use it, the less you are tied to loftier alternatives.

I can check email where ever I can find a WiFi connection. I can read books anytime I have peace. I can meditate the Rosary anytime I want peace. I can study the Bible anytime I feel peace.

Loving my TX
Jay C. Theriot