Got some new goodies for my Palm TX. I usually fret and fret about getting something for myself and then end up never getting it. Well, I successfully defeated the urge to forget it and I bought some new things for my TX. All these purchases were from Amazon.com.

This was the first time I ordered something from Amazon and it will not be the last. I found there website to be very helpful in making my purchases. I was just looking for a RhinoSkin hard case for the TX, but Amazon's links on their website said "Those that purchased this also purchased …" This is what I got:

A 2GB SD card, around $8. You can't even get that deal at Wal-Mart.

The RhinoSkin, around $25. I'm very impressed with this skin. It's brushed aluminum over a lyrca? padded inside. There are holes to access the stylus, connections, and SD card. The case has storage for two SD cards in the cover.

Replacement Styli: I really didn't need these, but they have a built-in ink pen. The geek in me took over.

Thanks Amazon! For about $5 more than the price of a hardcase on www.palm.com I got a hard case, styli and 2GB of storage.

Jay C. Theriot

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  1. I can understand about difficult to come up with content. I’ve been involved with the internet since 1992 through compuserve and fidonet mail tossers. My main concern with the rich web pages of today is the lack of information that is transmitted. –A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the picture isn’t searchable.

    I started the blog experimenting with my Palm TX as the first posts relate. Now, I’m just chronicling my use of this device.

    I have used Palm pda since 2000 when I left teaching and got a job as an IT Specialist/Server Manager for a marine research facility. I have since returned to teaching and have been looking for different implementations of a pda in my day to day life.

    I have a lot more to write on this subject. I am somewhat clumsy and getting a hard case was not debatable. Which one gave me pain. I took a week reading reviews before I ordered and I am not dissatisfied. I do like the cut-aways and the lyrca lining, the lightness and the fact that I can shove it in my back pocket.

    My students all want a pda now.


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