Preservation of the Union

On December 16, 2016, I went to work as normal.  It was the last day in my life that was normal. After an excruciating month, I woke up on January 21st to the adoption of a new leader, Pres. Donald J. Trump.

Since then, I’ve largely been a spectator of both Mr. Trump and our governmental institutions. Mr. Trump, consistently has tried to undermine the same institutions that he, ultimately, controlled.

Early on, I voiced that what I liked about Mr. Trump is that he is awakening institutions and feelings in people that have long been dormant. I give for a vivid example, the number of people voting in the 2020 elections. He did that. Not that he wanted to, but he did.  His brash nature has woken many dormant people and feelings.

America: We are racist! Yep. The normalization of racism is another item that he brought into focus. Not that he wanted to, mind you, but… the fact remains, the dormant racism in America became vogue under his tutelage.

Of direct benefit, this author loves what he did to the Veterans’ Administration. I can now get medical care for the evil that is rifling through my body easier and more respectful than ever before.

In my humble opinion, it seems he never realized that many of the institutions he condemned, was under his direct, or indirect control and he could have pushed through a good deal of reforms that would have reshaped those institutions to serve Mr. Trumps goals and desires.

Don’t get me wrong. I may sound like I support him. But, nay, I voted against him, twice. I was a solid life-long republican that changed when I read him back in 2015-16, and saw the absolute damage this guy could do to our international relations and domestically, our race relations.

Domestically, other than the intense frequency of racist events, the country can be put right. But, internationally, the damage will take decades to correct, if we ever can re-establish the trust other nations have in us. The danger of having a leader change every 4 years is one of the propaganda tools other despots us to sway the minds of their people against us.

I think Mr. Trump achieved his goal: Make America Great Again. But not the way he wanted it. His presidency showed the resilience of our republic. Moreover, it shows that we can have a gut-wrencher of a leader for a limited amount of time and then transition back to a more normal state of being.

I think that will be the legacy of President Trump: The Union WILL be preserved, regardless of how dangerous a single branch of government becomes. The checks and balances have won.

I served in the military and have flown a flag, with a light, for a long time. It was there during the Trump administration as it will be during the next administration, whether it be another 4 for Trump, or 8 for Mr. Biden. And, after Mr. Biden, the next president. I adore this nation. It remains the best nation on the face of the planet and in the history of the planet. But, the nation is not the president. It is more, so much more.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot