So What Now, 2020?

Well, I have some ideas I would like to put into reality for this year. There are no advocacy groups on social media for idiopathic neuro-muscular disorder.  There are advocacy groups for named disorders, but none for the unamed varieties. I feel there is a big grooup of people out there that would love to have a place to converse about  their issues.

The group will be heavily moderated. As, if someone attacks someone, they will be gone. It will be a haven for those that need to speak of their issues. I have guidelines to write before I make the group publicly available.  My hands don’t always like to type. My voice is not always conducive to voice recognition. Thus, the writing of the needed guidelines will be my biggest hurdle. Not because of lack of direction, but be the physical logistics behind making said guidelines.

I don’t wish to speak of my issues any longer unless it is to help someone else.  This will be a challenge for me as many times, my issues are all that I have. But, my hypothesis is that communing with others in similar situations, we will begin to share a camaraderie transcending our issues.

We will see out that goes.

Another idea I would like to bring into reality is a local advocacy for physical accommodations in the infrastructure of my home parish of Terrebonne. The structural accommodations for the mobility impaired are severely lacking. This will require me to address the parish government and exercise diplomacy to sway their ideas to including mobility issues as default in their machinations.

A lofty goal. Jay as advocate for the voiceless. Going to be a rough goal to accomplish, but it is time to try.

God bless us, all.

Jay C. Theriot

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