Working With an Intern

I’m working, albeit very slowly, with an intern on an online database for a tri-parish community.  In my better days, the the project would have taken me about a week to produce.  However, my inability to mentally focus an sit long enough to do the work myself has crippled the project.

The project is relatively simple: design a database and interfaces to hold medical resources for the local parishes.  The purpose is so that someone looking for a medical specialty will be able to easily locate a medical professional using simple on-line searches.

Working with an intern is interesting. Although, the intern is finishing up a computer science degree, there really is no fusion of skills in the educational curriculum.  To produce the database, the languages needed include HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.  Additionally, knowledge of the CMS, WordPress, is needed, not to mention patience with someone that was a horrible teacher in the past, now rarely shows up to class.

Still, we are making headway in the project.  I look forward to the system going on line.

I especially enjoy working with my intern. Watching his eyes light up when he “gets” what is being done, is priceless.


Jay C. Theriot

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