20190915 – A Success, A Couple Hours Out On the Town

Brought to you by modern chemistry, ice and a lot of figuring things out.

My wife, daughter, a friend and I made it out on the town for almost 2 hours last night.  It was my home town’s Art After Dark.  In short, local artists are invited to show their art along the downtown district of our local town.  My mother-in-law is the originator and the organizer of the local event.  Last year, she encouraged me to exhibit.  This year, initially, I was not going to display for a variety of reasons.  I’ve been having issues and frankly, I didn’t think my work was anything more than mundane.  She convinced me again to display.  I went easy.  I chose to display my favorite 6 pieces, which, you can see in a slide show at the end of this article.

In preparation for the evening, I slept and/or rested the entire day.  The last rest rousing at 4:45 pm to wake and take a dose of my extra medicine cocktail. We packed a few ice packs. Arriving on site at 6:20 pm, I had an ice pack under my hat, one on my back and one under my thighs.

The feeling of making it out on the town and being among people was incredible.  There was only one building which I got frustrated in and hand to get out back on the streets.  It was just a little crowded and hot.  I’ve found being in the moving air helps quell Uhthoff’s phenomenon, a crazy reaction to temperature differences. The ice packs work to stabilize my body temperature, but air currents seem to play an important roll.  My body consistently runs hot due to the constant muscle activity. My sensory nerves have issues, so automatic temperature regulation, as a normal human being, needs a little help.  When I get overheated, I generally don’t know until I’m experiencing hyperhidrosis. Once the sweating starts, we’ve passed the critical point and bringing my body back to an acceptable state generally requires drastic steps such as dumping ice water over me, or laying in a room with a temperature between 58°F and 64°F.  The latter takes about 30 minutes to an hour to recover a little.  The point, which I’ve meandered away from, is to prevent my body from going into Uhthoff’s. Last night, we successfully avoided Uhthoff’s.

About an 1 1/2 hours into the show, my limbs started experiencing an increased amount of spasms. I took more meds to quell the spasms.  We made a few more exhibits before my body let me know it had enough. My legs were starting to have considerably painful spasms and my left arm was in a fair amount of pain from tapping the wheelchair controller. We made a bee-line for our car.  I dumped myself in the car as my wife picked up my chair, a task I like doing for the independence of it.

Arriving home, I ate a little, and went to bed. I woke several times with heavy spasms, but still managed to get some rest.  My 5 am alarm rousted me for my morning meds.  Sometimes, I believe I exist solely to keep the pharmaceutical industry profitable.

Once awake, I could feel the sins of the night before. Sore muscles, globally. But, frankly, I would do the night again.

Success is dependent on how we define it. Is spending an hour and a half at a show that last three hours a success?  Is displaying six pieces when other have considerably more a success?  It is if you want it to be.

The agony that went into making the enlargements and spending time out spits in the face of the captive nature of my issues. I call that a success.  There are reconstitution costs that my body is paying, but that is what life is about.

I hope you enjoy the following slide show.  Each photography was taken with a considerable amount of pain. Some more than others.  The easiest to take is “Contemplating the Day,” a beautiful woman drinking her first cup of coffee in the morning. The most painful was “Budding Success,” a macro shot of a flower bud grouping.

To God be the Glory,
Jay C. Theriot

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  1. Definitely a win, a successful evening and I’m super excited you got to do it. The photos are lovely as is your usual!

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