Why I Don’t Pray for Healing

Many find it strange that I don’t pray for healing. I thank the Lord for every breath he gives me, but I don’t ask that he makes them sweet.

I have accepted my path. it is not of my choosing. On my journey, I have stumbled upon this verse:

Proverbs 16:9 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

I find it very close to my philosophy. Years ago, I confided in my Priest, that my prayer was to be able to serve the church in a deeper way. My disability, in part, is a fulfillment of those prayers. My situation is so erratic that I cannot do anything that would have a deadline. The work I am doing with the church has no deadlines. In fact, my work went on hold for two years while I healed enough to begin serving again.

I don’t fault anyone for praying for my healing. I feel it is an honor that they would speak to God on my behalf. However, I do pray that they accept that it is His will that I am this way. He has me as His servant, which is where I hoped I would be.

My pain is incessant and great, but there are moments of clarity where I can produce things of worth. In all, this calamity has shown me how deep God’s love and the love of His congregants can be.

I remain in awe of His power and Glory.

In Christ,

Jay C. Theriot

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