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201910106 – Update, kinda

What’s happening with me?

I want to make a claim that we have got the spasms under control.  They still occur, but differently.  In the past, the spasms would be grave and rip muscles in a lightning strike.  Now, the spasms occur more slowly.  My muscles start to pull. My “markers” are different.  I notice that if my cheek muscles get tight, I’d better be taking some additional meds and rest.

My spinal column seems to be getting affected. The constant tight muscles are causing narrowing, osteophytes, and a number of other issues with my skeleton as a whole.  My neurological system is taking a hit as nerves are being compressed.

My medical treatment is more of palliative care, and the injections I’m receiving are focused on deadening nerves or relaxing muscles in a target fashion.

My hands occasionally are capable of typing.  However, any static motion causes cramps and spasms.

To be able to do anything, my body must keep moving.

Suspending my head frequently causing painful issues with my neck.  I’m not sure where that is going.  The issue is relatively new and documented on my various medical images generated by MRI or X-Rays.  Likewise, for my lower back.

Fear, is becoming a hurdle.  As staying out of my comfort zone for an extended period of time will drop me and cause days of recuperation if I screw up, I am beginning to dread not being home. Not being next to where I can chill my body or get to my “safe zones” quickly, really is brewing fear. I must break these ideas and overcome them. My method of going out of my home includes taking copious amounts of medication.  Seeing the world stoned, drugged or whatever term you choose to use, is my only recourse of action to be able to escape Eden.

I must do it now. As, I submit this article, I’m going get ready to go to Mass.  My wife is serving on the Altar.  I don’t want to go without her being next to me, but I have to do this for myself. To overcome the fear of pain.

Wish me luck.

In Christ’s name,
Jay C. Theriot

2017 December 18, Funny Issue – Cold? & Church Video

I think I may have a cold.  The funny thing is that prior to the onset of the spasticity, I could tell I was getting sick by body aches.  Now, my body aches 24/7…. How am I supposed to decide if I have a cold or not?!

To be honest, I’m pretty certain I have a cold.  I’ve been taking decongestants for about 36 hours.  If I miss a does, I get congested really fast.  I don’t think it’s time to visit a doctor yet, but it is kinda funny that I’m having trouble determining this.

I was able to attend Mass and produce a recording of it yesterday.  Within hours of it’s release, 13 people streamed the video from Youtube.  While this number doesn’t sound significant, this does mean that there are people that were really waiting for that to be released.

Being able to produce a product that someone else desired has given me a feeling of worth.

These are the steps we had to take for me to make it through Mass:

  1. Took Lortab at 9 am, then showered.
  2. Kathy helped me walk to the lectern and back to the pew.
  3. After reading, when I returned to the pew, I took Horizant and oral Baclofen.  I was shaking pretty bad.
  4. When I got back to the car, after Mass and fellowship, I took the Zanaflex. Minor spasms, tremors had started.
  5. About 1 pm, I had a full-on spasm, mainly on the left side of my body.
  6. Slept the afternoon.
  7. Felt really uncertain about myself, but my wife and I were able to walk around the neighborhood, albeit slowly, and loosen up my muscles.

The pain and soreness resulting from attending Mass was well worth the spiritual boost from attending and producing the video for those to enjoy that could not be there.

An additional note is that my wife and I are learning to deal with my disease enough to where I can do something.  My mother-in-law and former military buddies continue to be my keel. One particular buddy reminded me earlier in the week to take care of myself so that I would be strong enough to do the reading for Sunday.

The support matrix that has evolved is incredible.  One of my sisters commented that I put to much value in the opinion of my siblings and that I should work to accept that.  I’ve come a bit of the way in acceptance.  I still need work in this area.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot