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Supporting Documentation for “The Method”

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If you have read Soft Claim of Victory; I think we have a method, then you know the real evil of what we are up against, and what our efforts are to fight it.

My wife and I had lunch together at  a local brewery.  I know the general manager there, and they have incredible food, so it was an easy decision to make.  The manager hadn’t seen me in a good while and I looked much better than last time he saw me… which begged the question, “What’s going on?  How are you doing?”

So, I explained to him about the BCAA and protein drinks.  He suggested I look into creatine drinks for rapid repair.  I did, the documentation for creatine is all about rapid recovery from a run.  Not damage to the muscle.  But, once I eliminated the “creatine” keyword from my search, I came up with this article:  8 Ways To Maximize Your Post-Workout Recovery written by Shannon Clark for Bodybuilding.

In it, they recommend a regimen including BCAA, protein and electrolyte drinks.  The order and consumption amounts differ from my plan.  But, I thought, how cool.  Her plan contains all the ingredients of my plan.

So….  Based on her article, I will do the following: 

  1. On onset – drink a BCAA, quickly, along with taking my Lortab and Zanaflex.
  2. Drink a second BCAA during the event.
  3. After the event, drink two protein drinks.  She suggests 50g of protein.  My drinks provide 25g per.
  4. Fifteen minutes after the protein is down, then 32 oz of electrolyte drinks.

I’m thinking… That’s a lot of liquid.  But, if it can stave off the effects of those blasted spasms, then, I’m game.  It is the first evidence I have come across that supports what we have discovered on our own.  I am emboldened by this finding.

We still don’t have a clue as to “how” to stop the spasms.  Frankly, I don’t think we every will.  They come on quickly (25 minutes from 0 to max), little warning (I feel a slight aura, but nothing I can  put my finger on) and strike deep (they have torn muscles in the process).  Unless I would have IV sedation that would drop me, I don’t have hope of anything being effective.

However, if we can diminish the ability of these events to wreak havoc on my body, my quality of life will soar.

That is where we want to be.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

Jay C. Theriot can usually be found as “Jazzy_J” on the IRC Channel #ExtremeSpasticity on –> see: irc:// You will need an IRC Client such as HexChat to connect.

Significant Event

I knew I should not have bragged.  This illness is like a teenager you praise.  The praise condemns the disease to do evil.

I had a short, intense event yesterday that pulled muscles in my arms and thighs.  I think even tore something in my left thigh.

Then the morning came.  Starting at 1 am I knew things were going bad.

At 4 am. I took my cocktail all at once and prayed they would win.

They didn’t.

There isn’t a muscle group in my whole self that didn’t receive some damage.

I am fatigued, as you can infer from the terseness of this post.

God be with us all,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

Jay C. Theriot can usually be found as “Jazzy_J” on the IRC Channel #ExtremeSpasticity on –> see: irc://  You will need an IRC Client such as HexChat to connect.